Famous Cabra Sports People and Teams


Over the next twelve months in this section of the website we will be introducing a history of all sporting occasions from different sports that have happened over the last 80 years from the community of Cabra.

Cabra has produced some great sports people over the years and this website is dedicated to the tireless work of the ordinary people who gave their time free to manage, run and invest in their community.

Eddie Tracy, Boxer
Eddie Tracy was born on Broombridge Road on the 5th June 1943. The general consensus is that he was probably the best pound for pound amateur boxer ever to come out of Cabra and this was proven when he was picked for Ireland to box in the Olympics in Mexico in 1968.

Eddie boxed from the Avona club in Arbour Hill were his ability was quickly spotted. In the years from 1956 t0 1960 he was North Dublin Juvenile Champion and he won the Leinster Juvenile Championship in 1961.

In 1965 he won the National Senior Bantamweight Championship and in 1968 he won the National Featherweight Championship. He boxed in the Olympics in 1968, reaching the quarter finals against a Mexican who would eventually win the gold medal.

He lost the fight on a split decision which was a very close call. In 1969 he boxed in the European Championships in Belgrade, East Berlin and Bucharest.

Eddie now resides in Co. Mayo and travels into Cabra a number of times a year to meet old friends and neighbours in the clubhouse for a pint. Eddie worked as a photographer with his father who had a little place on the quays for a number of years.

Jim McNamara, Olympic Marathon Runner
Over the last 5 weeks if you were walking past the club house and all-weather pitch you would have seen a tall man training the Gael Scoil children in the art of running. This man name is Jim McNamara who ran for Ireland in the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Jim was born on Broombridge Road and took to the running like a duck to water. He ran for Dunor Harriers running club. In his long running career he has won many honours which included running in the Montreal Olympics in 1976.

In the 1966 European Games in Budapest he ran for Ireland and from 1982 to 1990 he competed in the Veteran games in many cities around the world.

Budapest, Strasburg, Rome, Seville, Melbourne are some of the cities where Jim wore the green, winning 5 Gold and 5 Sliver medals. His biggest day was in Montreal where he proudly ran for his country having done his best time of 2 hours and 14 minutes.

Jim is still very much part of the Cabra Community as has been showing with his work with the local school. His only regret is he never played for the famous Finbars.


[Above is an image of Eddie and Jim presenting their Olympic jackets to Nicky Kehoe in the club house . All so in the picture is Tommy Mulvey,originaly from Bannnow Road who was the main organiser of the event.]

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