The Bogies


Naomh Fionnbarra GAA club plays all home matches in John Paul Park, Nephin Road or as it is known locally ‘The Bogies’.

Naomh Fionnbarra GAA are the oldest tenant there, which goes back before the council took over the responsibility of it in the late 1940’s. Finbars used to play where the Most Precious Blood Church is now and moved into the Bogies in 1946.

How did it get the name of the Bogies?
Talking to some of the older residents who first moved to Cabra in the late 1930’s this is the general consensus.

The Bogies had a rail network set out for when the houses in Cabra were being built. This network was used for moving material around the site when needed and was also used for transporting soil which had to be removed from the sites.

These items were put in iron bogies which ran on the network. Local children also used to play on these bogies. That is how the Barrs playing pitch got its name.

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