Club Honours

Club Honours


2010 – Present
2016 Senior B hurling championship winners

2016 AHL2 senior hurling league winners

2016 U14 ladies football championship winners

2013 U15 hurling championship C winners

2013 Minor B football Championship winners

2011 Dublin U21 B Hurling Championship winners

2011 Dublin Senior B Hurling Champions

2011 Dublin Football Division 7 winners

2012 Dublin U14 Division 2 PJ Troy winners

2013 Dublin U15 C Hurling Championship winners

2010 Dublin GAA Adult Football League 3
2009 Dublin GAA Hurling Intermediate Champions
2007 Dublin GAA Intermediate Football League 3
2006 Dublin Camogie B Senior Shield
2005 Dublin Camogie Intermediate Championship
2005 Dublin Camogie Intermediate League
2001 Dublin Junior Football League
2001 Dublin Camogie A Championship
2000 Dublin GAA Football Intermediate Championship
2000 Dublin Minor Hurling B Championship
2000 Dublin Minor Hurling League
2000 Dublin Minor football League

2000 Dublin Minor Hurling B Championship
2000 Dublin Minor Hurling League
2000 Dublin Minor football League

1998 Dublin Camogie B Championship
1993 Dublin Senior Hurling League
1993 Mooney Football Cup

1985 Stephen’s Intermediate Football Cup
1983 Dublin Hurling Senior League
1983 Dublin Hurling Senior Championship
1983 Doyle Cup

1971 Dublin Hurling Senior League
1970 Dublin Hurling Senior League

1969 Dublin Football League
1969 Dublin Intermediate Football Championship
1966 Dublin Intermediate Football Championship
1965 Dublin Junior Hurling League
1965 Dublin Junior Hurling Championship
1961 Dublin Junior Football Championship
1961 Dublin Junior Football A league

1958 Dublin Hurling B League
1954 Dublin Hurling Miller Shield
1953 Hurling Junior C League
1953 Hurling Smith Cup
1952 Hurling Junior D League

About these honours

This is only an introduction to our club’s honours. If any former club person or present member wants to add anything to the club’s honours we would be delighted to hear from you.

Any photographs, articles or stories about the club can be left at the club reception for the attention of Nicky Kehoe or you can email