Our Club Crest

Original Jersey

If you look at pictures of Finbars teams in the 1940′s you either see no crest or you will see a white patch with the letter NF on it.

The first NF crest was designed by Joe Casserly. Joe has been a member of the club since he was young and played junior hurling and football for many years. He was a great man for all sorts of sports and he loved the racing.

So where did the present crest come from?

The present crest was designed by Tony Kehoe (RIP) a son of Gerry. He designed the crest for a blazer that members got made in the early 60′s.

The reason Tony was asked to design it was because he worked as a painter of family crests. He put in the three castles of Dublin, two hurleys, a ball with NF in the middle and the All-Ireland medal emblem.

If he could see the crest he designed being worn so proudly and so commonly in the area he would be a very happy man.