Youth Teams

Our Youth section caters for over three hundred and fifty children from the Cabra Area. Within this section there is also our Comogie section that caters for teams from nine years up to sixteen years old.

The committee that oversees the running of this section is  Catherine Kirby (Secretary), Emma O’Farrell, Terry Mc Keogh, Barbara Kelly (Camogie Rep) and Lar Kelly (Referee Co-ordinator). This committee meets every Tuesday to co-ordinate the team’s weekly activities.

It is one of most important sections of the club as the children who join here are the clubs life blood for the future. The club has a code of ethics for managers, parents, and children and every manger is vetted by the statutory agency in child protection.

If you are interesting in joining or getting your son or daughter to join the club please click here to find out how or contact 01 868 6209 for further details.

U16 Hurling & Football

Under the watchful eye of mentors Terro Carton and Pato Whelan this team continues to make huge progress. In 2013 they won the PJ Troy tournament and competed in division 1 of the hurling league in 2014. They will hope to have a good run again in this years championships.

Under 15/16
It’s great to see young managers taking the rains of a team and learning the trade of management. Having taking this team which has gone through rough times in terms of numbers and managers letting them down, It is great to see Naill Brady and Ciaran Kehoe putting the time in to get this team moving on the right road. The players have responded brilliantly and the numbers are up to twenty and the training and skill levels are really hitting the right note. To players and mentors keep it up; it’s what our club is all about. 

U15  Hurling & Football

This team is managed by Christy Maher and trained by Gary McAuley and Tony Costello. Having put in a lot of work in the last few weeks, they have started the football league well and will be a team to watch in the coming years.

U13 Hurling & Football

Managed by Stephen Naughton they have progressed from Go-Games and are now ready for the next step. Some very talented players in this squad. Pictured above they are playing at half time in the Dublin V. Derry game in Croke Park in 2014.


U12 Football & Hurling

Stephen Browne is the manager of this team and they train twice a week on the all weather of the club while they also have matches on a Saturday.

Alot of good work is going into the team from the mangers and our coach Kevin O’ Donavan. Please contact Stephen on 01 8686 209 for further details.

U11 GAA Hurling & Football

Under the watchful eye of Senior player Bradley Owens this team’s skill levels are very high and they have started their leagues very well in 2015.

U10 Hurling & Football

Danny Ruth and Mary Lynch look after this team who have great numbers in their squad and have started the year very well. Later in the year they will play in the annual St Teresa’s competition in Belfast.

U9 GAA Hurling & Football

There are great numbers in this team which is mentored by John Hanway. At times there are 25 children at the training session and matches.

They train twice a week at the all weather in the club and play a match every Saturday. Please contact John on 01 868 6209 for further details.

U8 GAA Hurling & Football

This team trains on Thursday from 4-5pm in the club gym. They play GAA Go Games matches every Saturday in both hurling and football.

This team concentrates on the skills of the game and getting the children to be disciplined on and off the pitch. There are 22 players in the team at the moment. Please contact team mentor Thomas Gleeson at 01 868 6209 for details.

Tiny Tot’s

Over the last number of years since 1998 our Tiny Tots section ‘Na Barra Og’ has been a great success. This is due to the ongoing work done by a number of our members who have taken on this role.

There are two sections to this group. The first section is held at 10-11am for three to four year olds. The second group is for five till six year olds which takes place from 11-12pm. All activities (GAA Fun Games, intro to football & hurling) is based at the clubs gym and the all weather pitch on Saturday mornings.

There are a number of annual trips and parties held during the year for this group. There are over eighty children, both boys and girls in this group at the moment. This section is organized by a number of female members of the club.

If you are interesting in getting your son or daughter to join the club please click here to find out how or contact Catherine Kirby on 01 868 6209 for details.